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The Amoret apartments (15 beautifull four stars studio apartments)
are situated on 4 beautifull location in the centar of Dubrovnik Old town divided in Amoret 1 (Resticeva 2, in front of the Cathedral with a beautifull view on the Drzic Square and Cathedral), Amoret 2 (Dinka Ranjine 5, near Jesuit monastery and green marketplace and famoust hotel "Pucic Palace"), Amoret 3 (Ilije Sarake 4, just behind the Cathedral and near by the Buza beach and famous beach bar "Buza". ) Amoret 4 ( Gradiceva 1 )  in old bishop palace just behind the Cathedral in the restored residential objects which dates from the 16-th century. They are all centrally located, only 50 m from Stradun, old city's main and the most famous street. And location right next to Dubrovnik' s cathedral and Marin Drzic square makes their position even more attractive.

The Amoret apartments are divided in 4 different categories: Royal, Superb, Standard and Regular.

Dubrovnik is a paradise for the old ,the young,lovers ,and especially children since the city is free of traffic.

Aristocrats originally strolled through the halls behind 500 years, later Amoret have swung open to guests who olso prefer a touch of grandeur in their lodgings. For a map with the location of our accommodations click here.

Every apartment provides the finest comfort, with antique style furnishings,includig all modern conveniences
(satelit TV, airconditional, safe case, wireless internet connection...)

Completely renovated with great love and care we invite you to tell the "spirit" of the old Town Dubrovnik

The location of the Amoret apartments gives you opportunity to enyoy and be part of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival,from July 10-th till August 25-th every year ,where you can see performances of world stars in classic music,ballet,drama and folklore...

The town offers plenty of art exhibitions,museums and galleries.
On the Febrary 3th every year you can enyoy the traditional customs of Dubrovnik for the Day of Saint Blaise ( Saint Vlaho)who is the protector of the city .Febrary is olso the time of Carnival in Dubrovnik,so come and join us masked.

During the September every year you can be part of famoust music festival Rachlin?& friends.

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Apartment Amoret
Apartment Amoret

Royal Apartments
Royal Apartments

Superb Apartment

Superb Apartments
Standard Apartments
Standard Apartments
Regular Apartments
Regular Apartments

the city of a unique political and cultural history, of world-famous cultural heritage and beauty (inscribed on the List of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO) - is one of the most attractive and famous cities of the Mediterranean.

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