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7.6 Review score
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Property location
    14 February 2018
    No elevator. Difficult to bring big luggage up 4 storeys. But understandable since it is in the Old City, there are no elevators.
    Location is very good
    5 January 2018
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    8 November 2017
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    1 November 2017
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    30 October 2017
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    27 October 2017
    The hot water lasts only a few minutes durinng shower.
    The location is amazing and the apartment has everything you need if you want to cook.
    25 October 2017
    Good location and clean.
    Very noisy building. Can hear conversations through the wall. Couldn't get in property or contact host on arrival. Had to walk around a bit till they called. Then just gave us a code to get in. Would be easier to just email code on day of arrival.
    Good location. Fair price.
    23 October 2017
    Great location and a good city to visit.
    Delay trying to find key holder maybe would have been easier to explain where the office was. Not enough glasses/ bowls in the cupboard
    Location was fantastic. Easy to get to the property by shuttle bus from the airport.
    22 October 2017
    Walk too long from the “cheap” parking place
    Good location, tidiness of the room
    13 October 2017
    There should be a reception area and hosts should be more accommodating, good location and room
    The hosts weren't as accomodating as they could have been. We were told that we would be greeted upon arrival but weren't, and were told we should leave our luggage in a communal area unattended where all those present could easily have walked off with it (we left it there for around 3 hours). When arriving for the second time there was nobody there and couldn't get through to those who were meant to greet us initially. It is a big fault that they didn't have a reception area and were made to wait around half an hour before someone greeted later on in the day. The free bottle of wine was a nice idea but couldn't get it open as there was no bottle opener.
    We got a free bottle of wine on arrival, and had a well maintained room for the price we paid. The location was right in the middle of old town with everything around the corner.
    5 October 2017
    Good location, clean but very noisy location.
    Very noisy
    Good location
    3 October 2017
    A warm and friendly reception, and charming apartment in Old Town Dubrovnik.
    The mattrass and pillows could have been better. As mature guests we found the stairs difficult on our initial stay but requested a ground floor room when we returned for three nights which was much better. We also had no idea that we would have to walk a fair distance with suitcases to the accommodation in Old Town. This type of information would be valued by guests.
    Location in Old Town Dubrovnik.
    Karen - London
    3 October 2017
    The shower was very temperamental and often went from scalding to Luke warm in seconds - also there wasn't a daily clean as advertised
    Great location, nicely furnished room
    Amanda K
    27 September 2017
    Convenient and amazing location but the room was one of the worst accommodations we have ever booked
    We let the property know in advance when we booked we would not be there until after 11pm. They assured us we would be able to get into our room which was especially important to us since we had our 15 month old with us. We arrived and was able to get into the lobby, but the email they had sent us the day before contained the wrong code for the wrong room and floor (they told us room 6 on second floor.) After 30 minutes of trying to get into our room and calling the number we were provided if anything went wrong and no answer, my husband tried the code on room 4 since that was on the next floor up from lobby and the code worked for that room. The room was not as clean and we had no cot for our son like we requested. The reception finally got back with us almost an hour and half after we first called and told them we had to try the different room and was in there. She said she'll call us back once she talked to the sender of the email at reception. We did not hear from her until almost 1pm the next day and was told our room was indeed #6 but the code was wrong and they reset it and we could change rooms. We told them no since we were already out site seeing and had already settled in with our toddler and the move would be a lot of trouble with him also. She said the cot was in the original room and we could move it down if we wanted. It was really frustrating to not have them offer to move it or help us move our stuff since it was their fault we were in the wrong room in the first place. We also had no hot water for the shower the entire time we were there, the tv was broken as well as the AC unit. Thankfully we could leave the window open and it was cool enough for the 3 of us. My husband and I both agreed our room at these apartments was the worst and only bad part of our trip. We loved visiting Dubrovnik but we will definitely not stay here again or recommend it to anyone.
    The location was amazing and right in Old Town within walking distance of everything.
    22 September 2017
    The apartment was spacious but needs to be updated.
    The apartment is in a building that needs renovation and it's located on a street where on the opposite side is the back of several restaurants.
    We liked the location.
    22 September 2017
    Overall good due to the location
    The bathroom was inadequate - shower did not drain, sink plug did not work and a leak underneath the floor meant that the bathroom floor had a permanent and large puddle on it!
    The location
    19 September 2017
    We enjoyed it to be in the centre of town is a bonus there is a lot of traffic coming into D
    It did not bother us because we are reasonably fit but we were at the top of the building and dragging cases up 5 small flights of stairs would be hard if you were not able or strong.
    It was a great location right in the centre of Dubrovnik. The shower room was a little tired and although it had a two ring cooker there was only i wine glass and not sets of two of anything.
    18 September 2017
    I am sure there are better places to stay
    The room was not particularly pleasant having one small window you could not see out of. Most disappointing was being told when we specifically asked about the terrace that it was just for the photos
    Location was convenient
    17 September 2017
    I do not recommend this appartment. When we arrived nobody was waiting for us. Nobody answeared the bell of the appartment. Nobody answeared the phone. Finally a girl answeared my email. She said that booking had a bad number phone. But it was the same number written outside the appartment, on the wall. It was a very bad reception. The appartment was dirty, fridge was so dirty, there was water on the bath floor. The air condition left working at the middle of the night. I do not recommend this place.
    17 September 2017
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